Assuming you are ready to take your company to the next level, there are multiple steps in developing a campaign.

Not all these elements are necessarily relevant.

For instance, in the first step, we will enhance your branding elements. We could create a new logo, slogan, key color elements, sizes of branding elements in various places, including your website or we could modify them or do nothing because nothing needs changing in Step One.

Step One: Change or modify branding elements. The point is to clarify and drive home your message consistent with your mission, product and/or service.

Step Two: Create common marketing elements that will be used throughout different segments of your campaign-

Step 3: Adapt these common marketing elements to those media outlets that you have chosen for your broadcast – in your website and social network profiles and content, radio, TV, print, online, press releases, articles, etc.

Step 4: Distribute these elements according to predesignated time-table including autoresponder content, if appropriate.

Step 5: Review analytics related to your campaign and check for sales or interactive response data (like actually downloading free material or responding to survey or accepting a coupon component of the campaign) , as well as comments in social media, reviews in forums, incoming email and other elements to determine efficacy of your campaign.

Step 6: Make modifications as data in Step 5 comes in.
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