Our mission is to create the highest level of creative and business projects for ourselves and for our clients. These projects range from simple articles and blogs to full length screenplays, books, and musical properties. We seek clients and projects which we believe would be beneficial to people and positive for this planet, which has gone through such massive changes and challenges in the last few years. We believe that inspiration for both business and creative projects in one important element of guidance to survival and prosperity in these times.

We draw on decades of experience in in initially creating our own projects while working for radio stations, both selling and producing our own commercials, in magazines, both writing and selling/creating ads, in promoting art as a gallery representative and for radio stations and my own programs, in handling a wide variety of sales activities for various businesses- before forming this corporation in 2009. In most of my career, I have always managed to blend both sales and original content development when working for others. I believe this desire to always persist in my interests to fully serve my employers led me to produce a variety of my own radio shows and to develop myself as a wide-ranging freelance writer.

I first thought of developing a company like New Galaxy Enterprises many decades ago- when I believed that corporations in the United States and throughout the world were abrogating their responsibilities to our home world, Planet Earth. In my mind, I titled this new type of company, a paracorporation, meaning it went beyond the idea of a company solely devoted to profit regardless of the consequences for society and the rest of the world. At the time, I didn’t realize that my career and instincts would take me into a very large range of media projects, some involved with ordinary business activities, others involved with developing screen properties, novels, non-fiction books and music. These efforts plunged me into various media adventures- as diverse as creating websites and videos for businesses, writing non-fiction books and novels, creating a large number of screenplays for myself and with collaborators and clients, and working on many songs, sometimes by myself, but often with collaborators. Also, during this time, I personally faced many personal and financial challenges and became obsessed with finding answers to what might be causing these challenges. My many forays into various teachings and systems that claimed they could guide one towards positive manifestation eventually led me to a very precise point of view of who I was and what I was to do in my personal journey. It also led me to a deeper realization of the importance of true American values and the preservation of those ideals initially and progressively formulated in the U.S. Constitution.