Step 1 – The Keys to Your Brand Recognition:
After viewing internal structure and initial marketing pieces, we look for consistencies and identify what is the key components your brand recognition.

Step 2 – Dynamics of Emotional Appeal:
Your brand creates an emotion or a feeling. We identify what that emotion/feeling is and make sure it is consistent with your goals.

Step 3 – Online Reputation: Feedback from Internet and Social Media:
We find out what people saying about you to see if the comments line up with company goals. Includes online Social Networking audit..


Step 1 – Review of Web Content:  
Is your ad copy strategic, concise and powerful? Does it match the power of your logo, slogan website appearance, advertising and PR promises?

Step 2 – Review of Marketing Campaigns – auto responder messaging

Step 3 – Review of Advertising and Public Relations  Review of all marketing and PR activities TV, radio, print ads,  press releases, community service, speaking engagements, etc.


When engaging in marketing campaigns, many clients worry about a failure to attract new customers. That is a real worry. But there is another truly professional marketers need to be concerned with. How much new traffic and sales can your business actually support?

One main purpose of  the Impact Audit is to make sure you can handle the impact that our online campaign could have on your business.