1. FREE CONFERENCE We offer a free SKYPE conference to get acquainted.  In this conference, with your help, we will do a preliminary examination of your website and other online marketing components and review your advertising and PR components.  If, after our discussion, you want a more detailed analysis, we will offer you a detailed audit of your marketing approach, content and current analytics. Prior to beginning this audit, you will need to tell us the kind of budget you have to proceed on actual campaign.

2. IMPACT, BRANDING AND MARKETING AUDITS. If in the initial conference, we mutually agree that our marketing special might be of significant value to you and your company, we will offer you three free audits and will, with your permission, analyze your current branding and marketing content and the potential impact on your business on various variations of a marketing campaign that fits your budget. The right amount of impact will allow you to expand your business and clientele without challenging your significant resources to service the new business.  Even if you do not or cannot services to follow the plan we suggest, you will find this audit of great value for making your future plans to expand your business when the time is right.  Based on this audit, we will make a proposal to modify your branding and marketing components and to develop a new online marketing campaign.

3.  MODIFICATION OF ONLINE WEB PRESENCE AND BRANDING ELEMENTS Based on your acceptance of this proposal, for a further fee, we will examine and modify your various advertising and marketing components and bring them up to speed. This will include your website, profiles and any specific on-going sales letters, advertising offers, media kits, etc. It will also include any needed SEO content and other methods of upgrading your online presence. This fee will also include the next step, the construction of an online marketing campaign.

4. CONSTRUCTING NEW ONLINE MARKETING CAMPAIGN We will do a trial for 3-6-12 months, consisting of specific marketing campaigns. We offer two options to approved clients:

A) A REGULAR MONTHLY FEE that will, of course, be modified according to new changes and requests as they come up. A mid-size campaign will generally require a minimum fee of $5,000 but don’t let this deter you from talking to us. We can help companies of all sizes. This will involve enhancing, even reshaping, many are all of you online tools – website, social network profile pages, branding tools, advertising and public relations, etc. Our proposal will show the amount of work needed to create true profitability in online marketings.

B) A PROFIT SHARING PROGRAM involving a unique, long term partnership. In this case, we ask for an initial advance to help you enhance all your online tools- and then allow you to take back one 100% of your investment before we take a pre-arranged commission based on gross sales. Thereafter, you will only pay hard costs associated with your project while we remain in the game to enhance your online presence and conduct your marketing campaigns as needed


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