A buyer said this about his two published books I helped him develop as a ghostwriter, one which was published over a year ago another has just been released: “”This is my second project with Johnny Blue Star. This project contains a very large manuscript and multiple publicity items- including press releases, website content, interview, blogs, and potentially other items. As usual, Johnny over-delivered on this project, bringing in a large but incisive and entertaining manuscript about a highly provocative subject. Our relationship has always involved continual communication and some rather tight deadlines. Not only is the writing on the highest possible level, but the attempt to understand and produce originating research based on content has always been there to. Johnny is a multi-media content developer and I would recommend him for a wide latitude of projects.”


“Johnny Blue Star is a true professional and an amazing writer. I asked him to write my e-book for my business, BillionaireBabies. I sent him some information and he wrote a clear, focused and animated e-book in just 3 days. It was so good that I then asked Johnny to create the text for my website and he also did that in 3 days. He caught on to the heart and passion of my business immediately and he calls me with the most amazing ideas-adding comic strips for the website, creating a membership and an affiliates program, writing a 250-page BillionaireBabies book. I could not be happier with the results! I would recommend Johnny Blue Star to anyone. Thank you, Johnny Linda Samuels, CEO BillionaireBabies