∇  Division 2 – Products and Services  ∇

Ads (Print, Radio, TV, Internet), PR (Articles, Press Releases, Blogs),
Web Content, Speechwriting, Ebooks

Business and Non-Profit Organizational Services

We develop advertising and public relations content for for radio, TV and Internet advertising, online campaigns, webinars and live events. Services include websites, graphic design, logo, slogans, social network, press releases, etc.


I began writing articles back when I first worked for my school newspaper. Later, while taking a Communications Major at the University of Tulsa, I worked for- the Downtown Tulsan, specializing in front page interviews; the Okmulgee Daily Times, where I became the front page reporter when a City Manager was fired the day after I was hired to temporarily replace a reporter on leave for two weeks (after I became famous- locally, I stayed on longer). Later I wrote and sold ads for the Riverside Business Journal, the Palm Canyon Times and Mature Living Magazine. In between moments of full-time employment, I developed the first Coachella Valley-wide Internet newspaper with my son, pioneering the idea of the Citizen Reporter, way before Ariana Huffington beat me to a national franchise based on that concept. Later, while working as a trade director for BXI Developing Areas, I started TradeWorld News, the first stand-alone online barter industry ezine. Even later, I helped create Rockets Away!- an ezine based on the commercial spacecraft industry. Rockets Away! attracted the attention of AOL which asked us to develop a Space Blog, which we did for one year. When I became a freelance writer, I naturally wrote many other articles.


I have wide experience in the creation of ebooks and related products. I have written sales letters, autoresponder material, created web content for clients with ebook products and created advertising material for ebook promotions, including articles and press releases. I have ghostwritten ebooks, worked as a collaborator on certain properties and, as a result, have several proprietary properties which have been marketed on the Internet. Several of my books, A Dream Business in Magic and A Dream Business in Hypnosis are available online- but I have done virtually nothing to promote them. With the onset of a new podcast, hopefully debuting this year, I will begin to promote these and other of my unsung works.


Have spent my career in copyrighting in wide range of media- radio, television, print and Internet. Have served as account executive in radio, newspapers and magazines. Assist wide-ranging client base with product and personal branding needs, often with press releases, articles and web content. My press releases have covered a multitude of products, services, author’s books, announcements of promotions in companies, court cases, new websites, expansion of businesses and many other areas. I have often had to integrate press releases into my promotions- as with my former associate and my successful promotion of our book, Dream Business with Hypnosis as a component of our Hypnosis Starter Kit, utilizing the old Butterfly Internet Marketing System. Press releases for Rockets Away!, our media company that pioneered the promotion of commercial spacecraft, helped build our elite subscription base to key participants in the global entrepreneurship in the private space industry. I have used press release to promote Edgar Arens, the Russian composer- and my song (lyrics) called Christmas in Your Eyes, sung by the talented Patricia Welch. I also have used press releases to announce work on two film and book franchises, The Ascent of Angels and the Foot Soldier. So besides my clients, I have found press releases a valuable tool for my own projects