Division 5-  MUSIC:  Songs, Jingles, Poetry, Scoring for Film and TV

 Online Marketing Campaigns: Music

Components for completing your songs, whether a single song, an album or a set of songs for movies. We also can help create a music background for videos, commercials, documentaries, e-cards, etc.  Our collective  background includes comprehensive experience in writing lyrics for songs as well as creating many full length screenplays with a comprehensive understanding of storylines and their arcs,  as well as a deep understanding instrumental film scoring and correlating this with live and animated action scenes. For this reason,  we provide what is necessary to give full completion to your music project whatever the media.  And we take you to the next level to promote and play your music online and build your following as a precursor to introducing to the world of major record companies and music publishers, etc.- who follow closely the world of online music.