I wrote a Children’s Animation Television Script for this Buyer, who says, “I cannot express how satisfied I am with moviewriter. He is very easy to work with and full of great ideas. I just gave him a brief description of what I wanted, and like magic it appeared. I wanted to work with someone who was a professional and knew what they were doing and with moviewriter that is exactly what I got. Moviewriter exceeded my expectations. It has been a pleasure to work with him and will very likely work with him again.”


This client created cartoons and actual action figures of these cartoons for these characters. This also was targeted for kids in elementary school.

“Our company has developed multiple animated short scripts, from three different children’s stories. We are planning on submitting the ideas to a studio. We needed mini-bibles / treatments written for all three children’s animation television series. We chose Johnny from a list of great quotes, after brief phone conversation. He is very easy to work with and full of great ideas. His knowledge of the entertainment business was all we needed to end the bidding. We are extremely satisfied with all three Mini-Bibles and needed only one draft for each! He nailed all three within one week. In addition, he was fast, creative, professional, and went beyond the project requirements, by enhancing and expanding our pilot script! It was brilliant. He has our highest recommendation and it has been a pleasure to work with him and will very likely work with him again. If you’re looking for a pro, select Johnny Blue Star!”


This Buyer had me work on a science fiction short story, ” By far one of the best providers I have worked with. Above and beyond service, excellent writing skills, big picture thinker and FAST! I will definitely be working with this provider in the future as our project expands.


I had to come up with 510 Trivia Questions for the Pressman Toy Company’s game about the new King Kong Movie. There were fairly stringent criteria and I watched the new King Kong, a masterpiece in my opinion, at least four times and saw the old King Kong many times. ” This is what the Buyer said, This was quite a sizeable job and moviewriter helped make it happen. He graciously followed directives, was EXTREMELY hard working, BEAT his deadline and was absolutely flexible: a necessity in the toy business! With 525 trivia questions, we could have EASILY gotten ourselves into a tangle (original version, edited version, etc). But he kept a total handle on it…one of us had to! Hire him without worry.”