Ashes of Tesalon
A science fiction comedy based on interdimensional travel. In this scene,
Lord Tesalon sends some inter-dimensional travellers to locate Nikolai Tesla,
a human who possesses the unique power of the archon. When the travellers fail,
he himself travels across the transdimensional grid- to Earth, one of the densest
planets in the multiverse.
Film Sample 

A film about Artie Fishbein, an older man who believes he is the biological father
of a faniys comedian, Bruno Poindexter. Despite artie’s passionate attempts to
contact Bruno, he is constantly defeated. Here, his uncanny resemblance to the
famous film comedian continues to haunt him.
Film Sample

Reality Show Film Script
A Reality Show is designed to explore fanatical terrorism as it happens
Film Sample

Sandpaper Dragon Sample
Set in the early 1970s, this comedydrama is about an upscale headhunter decides to
become a designer cabinet maker and moves to the East Village along with a highly
disenchanted wife and a cantankerous partner
Film Sample


Boots in Manhattan Novel and Film Adaptation
A sample of the first novel  in The Foot Soldier Trilogy followed by a screenplay adaptation
of  the same scenes in the novel
Book and Film Sample

I.D.W. Film Scripta science fiction film about an offer an to end war, extended to mankind
from an advanced alien civilization offers mankind.
Film Sample

The Thrice Born Novel and Film Adaptation – a sample of the first novel in the Pray for the Angels trilogy followed by a screenplay adaptation of the same scenes in the novel sample-
Film Sample

An adaptation of Paul Winchell’s autobiography, co-authored with the famous ventriloquist
Film Sample


The Yenta
A comic elaboration of a strange synchronistic event that took place in New York City.
Film Sample