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Personal Branding Services

Personal Branding involves products that enhance the personal reputation of the client. This could be for career or business purposes or for personal reasons, to acquaint friends and associates with one’s personal background. We offer content, resumes and personal branding sites, “about us” portions of websites and components within prospectuses discussing one’s contributions to a specific company or project. We also offer set-ups for the development of social networking through profiles and appropriate posting in creative and informative ways consistent with developing one’s own personal brand.


Please note I have a very specific way of doing things. I provide a very basic format, as explained below. In order to do this, I may need to adjust your format in various ways- and there may be a lot of interaction between us. I do not charge by the hour and the time for execution varies considerably- but the results, as noted below, have won a lot of complements- because the S are designed to actually work. As a supplement to their construction, I also discuss with you how to make them work.

In the past, I was a recruiter and then, for many years, operated a resume and job search counseling business.

Although I now have a wide-ranging freelance writing business, writing web content, press releases, articles, screenplays, books, songs, plays, etc., because of my background- and my interest in my clients getting the best possibilities for work, I pay special attention to resumes. And, for this reason, there is a lot of interaction with you- through phone or Skype and email. I have been doing cover letters and resumes for over 30 years.