Division 2- AUTHOR AND SCREENWRITER SERVICES: Books and Films- Non-fiction Books, Memoirs, Documentaries, Novels,  Commercial Features (all genres), Animation Products, TV Pilots

We help authors and screenwriters create powerful content that fully reflects their personal vision. We create, enhance or refine non-fiction books, memoirs, novels and work on original screenplays,  television and animation products, documentaries, adaptations from fiction and non-fictional works.   For authors involved in our collaboration projects, we offer Print-On-Demand and ebook publishing services and the possibility of developing a robust author’s platform to promote the work in webinars, speaking bureaus,  phone or Internet conferences in conjunction with an ongoing social networking campaign to promote the book.  We are very much interested in film and book multi-part franchise packages.  As development and sales proceed, we will reach out to literary and talent agencies to bring our clients to the attention of major publishing and film companies.