I wrote a Children’s Animation Television Script for this Buyer-, “I can not express how satisfied I am with moviewriter. He is very easy to work with and full of great ideas. I just gave him a brief description of what I wanted, and like magic it appeared. I wanted to work with someone who was a professional and knew what they were doing and with moviewriter that is exactly what I got. Moviewriter exceeded my expectations. It has been a pleasure to work with him and will very likely work with him again.”


One company had this to say about my Animation Script. “We required a script that was, in terms of concept, very demanding and a story carried by rather unusual characters. It was a mix of philosophy and humor, which in itself can be a difficult to pull off. Johnny surpassed out expectations by very quickly getting to grips with the idea. He contributed ideas and humorous subtleties that greatly enhanced the project and produced a script that was exactly what we’ve hoped for. He always responded quickly to any requests and handled everything with the enthusiasm and professionalism one would expect from a great scriptwriter. We will definitely continue working with him.”


A company requiring a script for its animation concept said: “It’s really great to meet a real professional screenwriter who is willing to take on the challenges of other people’s heart felt dreams. People should use moviewriter whenever they can before he is scooped up by Hollywood. When you work with moviewriter, you will sense something completely different than working with a novice or pretend screenwriter. This is someone who not only understands screenwriting, the creative process- but also willing to take the time and trouble to walk in the mocassins of people who want to see their dreams turned in solid, marketable scripts. Transpersonal WayStation Team.”


An English company creating a satire on Presidential Candidates attending the Oscars said this: “Johnny is an incredibly creative and capable writer, I highly recommend working with him” and “Quick, 100% dependable, to the brief, creative, excellent.”