Please note I have a very specific way of doing things. I provide a very basic format, as explained below. In order to do this, I may need to adjust your format in various ways- and there may be a lot of interaction between us. I do not charge by the hour and the time for execution varies considerably- but the results, as noted below, have won a lot of complements- because the resumes are designed to actually work. As a supplement to their construction, I also discuss with you how to make them work.

 In the past, I was a recruiter and then, for many years, operated a resume and job search counseling business. Although I now have a wide-ranging freelance writing business, writing web content, press releases, articles, screenplays, books, songs, plays, etc., because of my background- and my interest in my clients getting the best possibilities for work, I pay special attention to resumes. And, for this reason, there is a lot of interaction with you- through phone or Skype and email. I have been doing cover letters and resumes for over 30 years.


 I do a very specific thing- that I believe works- and I do not do anything else. The specific thing I provide is the creation of a strategic job document based on industry buzzwords and keywords from job qualification descriptions with a meticulous attention to your background and achievementS This document, even if it is customized to a specific job description, can be easily modified for another.`


If you work with me, you generally get a resume in a specific format. If you want to change the placement of dates, job descriptions, bulleted achievements, fonts and fonts sizes, close up spaces, change margins or any other kind of formatting or graphic design work. I don’t do it. That is not part of this proposal. That is up to you.


Because I think I understand a strategic format that works, that will maximize your chances- and the rest of it is subjective and you can do that yourself or hire someone who has those skills and that interest. My skill is writing and strategy and that’s all I am interested in.


I have designed to highlight your background, job history and achievements in such a way that, even if an employer scans your resume and really wants to hire someone, assuming you have the qualifications, he would be hard-pressed not to give you an interview. Whether or not this resume is for a specific job description, I show you how to customize it yourself – and the cover letter- for future positions. My resumes are not all bullets- and every word is thought out. I use your words from former documents whenever possible- and I examine them and change them for editing purposes, if necessary.

In addition to using my experience as a copywriter and stylist to enhance your profile as a desirable candidate, my resumes are designed strategically to produced results in their format and structure in the following way:

 1.      Qualifications are subtly placed in the entire top half of the first page so that the candidate’s job suitability stands out for the applicable position.

 2.      The order of the resume is designed to emphasis these desirable characteristics.

3.      The resume is designed to be easily customizable for specific positions according to a specific strategy I communicate to my clients. This strategy is also deployed in a job interview, where the resume is a backend support tool.

 4.      The background section defines succinctly all the bold areas of qualification and achievement. It also generally has a bulleted area for high achievements.

 5.      The core competencies or skills section comprehensively describes the skills, highlighting those for the generally desired position and or the specific job in question.

6.      Job history descriptions is divided into two different areas. One, a complete description of the position with the appropriate buzz words. Two, bulleted and often mathematically measurable achievements in that description.


 This is what a recent client said: “”Johnny is great -period. Talented, efficient, and a pleasure to deal with. While I’ve enjoyed a lengthy and successful career, I hadn’t had to write a resume for 15 years, and found the prospect surprisingly daunting. Through a rather lengthy interview process, Johnny helped me distill a coherent through-line that encompassed my multi-hatted career. Then, in just a few drafts, we -he, really- created a solid document, which with a minimum of tweaking I could use for nearly any creative job that bears on Social Media, Advertising, or Multi-Channel Marketing. I very much look forward to working with him again.”

 Another client described his experience with me: “I connected with Johnny… when it became necessary for me to produce a resume. I posted my project and had several responses, Johnny’s being first. I then provided additional information and contact information to the responders and again, Johnny was first, not just by email this time, he called me. That initially impressed me. I then proceeded to grant the bid to Johnny which began a delightful 2 day journey. Johnny began by offering his honest reaction of my resume, and gave me a sense of the direction we needed to take. He had me perform several short exercises on my own, each time giving him more and more information he could use in building my resume. Not only did the exercises help him but they enabled me to be more aware of my experiences and skills that would attract employers. Johnny also has a true talent in forming succinct phrases that highlighted my successes, core competencies and a detailed work history. Thanks Johnny for all you help, I without reservation highly recommend Johnny Blue Star. Jamey French – Dayton, Ohio

 Marketing executive, Jonathan Gulla, said, “WOW! That one word best describes the great job I received from moviewriter. They were pro-active and I liked that. The moment they were awarded the bid, I received e-mail with the next step to take. I happened to be at my computer. He responded by phone and discussed what the plan of action should be to condense my Resume and developed two separate ones. After a phone consultation, I was pleasantly surprised to find my newly developed resumes the same evening in my Inbox, done in the format I requested. No long wait for completion and very accurate work. I’ll be inviting you to bid on all my written projects.” Jonathan Gulla, Pres. Cornerstone Marketing System

 Bickara, after receiving his Executive Resume, said, “The most unbelievable experience I have had every over elance. Do not miss this opportunity. Sign up ASAP, do not wait.”


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